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At ACL Opa Locka

ACL Pompano Location

New Ripening Program

“ This new program will allow our customers to provide fruit that is pre-conditioned to their customer base. We brought in the leading manufacture of pre-conditioning rooms (Thermal Tech) to build and provide additional expertise to ours, to be able to extend a top tier value added service to our customers. These rooms were designed to be able to pre-condition any fruit, even those with a high fluctuation of temperature during the pre-conditioning process. In addition, ACL has bagging program that would complement our pre-conditioning program, in our Opalocka facility.
Please see pictures within that facilities section.”  

Additional Services

• 3,000 Positions Under Refrigeration
• 14 Miles From Port Everglades
• Transportation throughout Central & South Florida
• Inspection Services
• Primus Certified

• 1 Mile South of Pompano Market
• Rail Siding
• Our dedicated team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Excellent operating hours

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